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Behavioral Change Classes

CorrectiveSolutions’ administrative services include person-to-person case management as well as LIVE interactive webinar classes, both in-person and via webinar, that focus on cognitive behavioral change strategies.

NOTE: We offer classes in English and Spanish (NOTA: Ofrecemos clases en Inglés y Español)

Available Behavioral Change Classes
Community Accountability

The core behavioral change curriculum that is appropriate for all misdemeanor offenses. Addresses values, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs using cognitive behavioral change strategies. Includes practical life skills and tools for managing stress, finances, and health to provide a foundation for personal responsibility and better choices.

Driving Diversion

Appropriate for all driving related offenses. Addresses the understanding that responsible, safe driving can save lives, while providing behavioral tools to curb aggression, recklessness, negligence, driving under the influence, and other underlying causes of unsafe driving, accidents, and even loss of life.

Financial Accountability

Appropriate for worthless check and financial crimes. Addresses healthy reactions to financial instability with tools that encourage responsible financial practices. Also addresses impulse control and underlying causes of financial crimes.

Substance Use and Abuse

Appropriate for illegal drug use, drug, and drug paraphernalia possession, as well as alcohol and prescription drug abuse related offenses. Addresses healthy means to curb addiction through accountability, life skills, and personal responsibility to make good choices for themselves and those around them.

Anger Management

Appropriate for assault charges. Class addresses the role of anger in the offender’s everyday life and outlines strategies for appropriately handling emotions. Addresses the reasoning behind a lack of emotional control through cognitive behavioral change strategies while introducing practical life skills for managing stress and emotional impulses. 

Petty Theft

Appropriate for shoplifting and theft charges. Addresses emotional stability and cognitive behavioral change techniques to both curb theft impulses while instilling a real sense of accountability.

Minors in Possession

Appropriate for underage drinking and drug possession cases. Addresses healthy emotional development through cognitive behavioral change techniques that address the underlying impulses that leads to underage possession and consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Optional Available Conditions
Community Service

CorrectiveSolutions identifies appropriate community service projects with municipal agencies (e.g., Parks and Recreation) and verifiable non-profit organizations (e.g., Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.). CorrectiveSolutions tracks and verifies completion of service hours ordered. The supporting documentation is added to the digital case file and is available to view via the SnapView app.

Victim Restitution

The restitution amount and valid victim contact information including name, address and telephone must be included on the referral form at the time of referral.  All victim restitution payments are documented in the digital case file. 

Random Drug Testing

CorrectiveSolutions provides random drug testing services including a daily drug test hotline. Drug tests are administered via direct observed urine.  There is an additional program cost for each drug test.

Apology Letters to Victims

To support accountability and facilitate community restorative justice, CorrectiveSolutions will help coordinate handwritten apology letters from offenders to victims.  CorrectiveSolutions facilitates the process including providing the instructions and guidelines for offenders, review of written apologies and forwarding of letters to impacted victim. 


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