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Requirements For Post-Plea Diversion

The District Attorney will make the diversion offer to eligible offenders at arraignment.  The defendant will be required to enter a guilty or no contest plea. The Court will inform the defendant of the sentence imposed if they fail to complete the Diversion Program, stay the execution of the sentence, and calendar the case for review 4 or 6 months later to allow the Defendant time to complete the Diversion Program.  

After the Defendant signs the plea agreement form in court. The District Attorney's office will submit the referral to CorrectiveSolutions at

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility is at the District Attorney’s Discretion. General guidelines include:

  • Adult offenders

  • No previous felony convictions

  • Not currently on probation or had a previous probation terminated 

  • Did not inflict bodily harm on any person in the commission of the crime

  • Does not exhibit criminal sophistication

Commonly Referred Offenses
  • Drug and alcohol offenses (possession without a prescription, possession of paraphernalia, underage drinking, selling to minor, false ID by minor, drunk in public)

  • Theft (petty theft, receiving stolen property) 

  • Trespass

  • Vandalism

  • Prostitution (solicitation, loitering with intent commit prostitution) 

  • Assault 

  • Driving offenses (no valid license, suspended license, reckless, speed contest, vehicle registration

Required Program Condition

Completion of behavioral change class(es)

Optional Program Conditions
  • Community Service

  • Victim Restitution

  • Random Drug Testing

  • Apology letters to victims


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